Frequently asked questions

General FAQs on Commissioning a Painted Portrait

How are you different from a traditional artist?

Why is your process better?

How can modern tools create a better painting?

Is this just a filter or effect?

Do you use oil on all the paintings?

I have digital files from a photo shoot, can you paint from that?

How do I know if my photograph will work as a painting?

What if my photo is not great quality?

What sizes do you offer?

What does a painting cost?

Do you offer framing?

How do I get started?


We accept 5 commissions a month.

Will yours be one of them?

Absolutely Beautiful Job!



"Could not have been any happier with the job. I had a photo on my phone of me and my wife that really showed how much we enjoy Florida. Bobbie enlarged it and then painted it for us. Absolutely beautiful job!  Thank you."   
-James L., Danvers, MA