painting of a boy catching his first fish
before and after of painting commission of girl head & shoulders
ancestor painting from old photographs, before & after
painting commission of a cat from a photograph
commissioned memorial painting of a father with his son
portrait painting of a reverend
pet portrait painting from a photograph, before & after
before and after memorial painting of a river guide
painting commission of a boy, before & after photo to painting
bridal painting commissioned from a photograph, before and after
memorial portait painting of a mother from old photograph
painting commission of a special landscape as a wedding anniversary gift
memorial painting from an old photograph, before and after
painting of a woman from a snapshot photo
before and after of painting commission of grandfather reading to his grandson
memorial painting of beloved wife from a photograph
commissioned painting of a girl from a photograph
pet portrait painting commissioned from a photograph
commissioned painting of a boy running through a marsh
painting of a professional musician, harpist with her harp
cat pet painting from a camera roll photograph

family photo transformed into a painting commission



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painting commission created from a photograph of a couple

Absolutely Beautiful Job!



"Could not have been any happier with the job. I had a photo on my phone of me and my wife that really showed how much we enjoy Florida. Bobbie enlarged it and then painted it for us. Absolutely beautiful job!  Thank you."   
-James L., Danvers, MA


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